DIY Vegan Food wraps with Powder Resin

This DIY is for those of you who can only find powder resin/rosin to make reusable vegan food wraps! It's a great way to make the wraps form a tight seal around food so things don't get stale while wrapped. 

This is where I found both my resins:
Goo form:

Here's the basic recipe:
3 tablespoons candelilla was
2 teaspoons powder resin ***see notes below
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

Melt everything together in a double boiler. Once melted use a pastry brush to coat the fabric. Place in the oven set at 180-200*F for 3-6 minutes or until wax has melted into the fabric.

This recipe does have some trouble. I noticed the resin likes to clump up. If there is a way you can think of to strain the mixture first before painting onto the fabric try it.

***Adding resin/rosin can be harmful to people who are sensitive. I am lucky to not have food allergies or sensitivities. And the resin exposure in these wraps is similar to some of the exposure you would get in some foods. Use your best judgment!

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