How I Use My Shampoo Bar

I found a shampoo bar when traveling in Tahiti, so I picked it up. It's called L'ilcot Bulles Shampooing Solide. We were staying at a hotel but I didn't want to use up the little plastic bottles they left us with shampoo and conditioner. 

When I got back to California someone was asking me how I liked the bar and how I used it. If you have ever wondered how to find one you liked or what to look for lemme help you!

Here's the ingredients in my bar:
Surfactant: I think this is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a bummer. Prolonged exposure can be harmful. Next bar I get I'm looking for one with soap nuts!
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Orange Powder
Kachi Kapli Powder: I don't know what this is, and haven't found a definition I like
Basil Essential Oil

There are TONS on etsy:

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