DIY Vintage Jewelry Tree - nontraditional Christmas tree

Jewelry tree! Did your grandma have one of these? Mine didn't, but I know other grandma ladies who had them! If you use thrifted and vintage materials, this is definitely a more sustainable craft, but what about the hot glue?

Fabric- I used some fabric leftovers from a theatre show
Frame- it's thrifted!
Backing- the board came with an art print, I just needed to cut it down
Measuring- tape and ruler
Glue- hot and liquid
Brush- for glue
Vintage Jewelry- got mine at a vintage stall store
Cutting utensils- get a xacto and some scissors ready
Pliers- to bust up the jewelry
Wire cutters- again to bust up the jewels
Marking tools- like a pencil

What do you think about me painting the frame hot pink to match my pop-up Christmas tree?

And what is a good, sustainable alternative to hot glue? 

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Music composed for Break + Remake by Janet Overfield