DIY Upcycled Tassel Necklace

DIY Upcycled Tassel Necklace. I used a shirt that was 100% silk and over 5 years old. It finally shredded in the pits! You can use what ever item you'd like, just make sure the weave of the fabric isn't too loose. If it's too loose you'll fray forever. I do have stragglies on my clothes after I wear it but I don't care, I work in a costume shop.

Shirt - you can use whatever though
Wire cutters
Eye pins
Chain - I wanted a long dangly necklace, so I grabbed a long chain
Jump ring
Chain nose pliers - or use round nose pliers, or just whatever you have around
Embroidery floss

Find Break + Remake here:

Super simple upcycle DIY using an old shirt!