Beeswax Food Wrap DIY

Making waxed food cover was easier than I though. I'm gonna start there so you are empowered by that knowledge. Make them, I've been using mine non-stop to cover my tofu and vegan cheese slices. I want to make sandwich and snack pockets too, but I keep leaving my pinking shears at work. Pinking shears are kinda optional. If you have them use them, if not you can cut to the size you want and wax right away. You know what, I'll make some without pinking shears and show you on IG.

Track down a non stick pan like the one in the episode. Get some bees wax pellets from the farmers market, a friend, the hippy grocery store or the internet. Make sure it's food grade. Having to grate the wax was bullcrap. If you need a character building exercise then, or know someone who does, then voluntold them for this project. Voluntold is when you when you tell people to do things, out of the goodness of their heart. 

A note on fabric sizes and shapes. We just used the size of the pan to guide our choices. If you want to make them large and square, like 12"x12", that's a good place to start. Make sure to pre wash, you don't want any factory/store gunk on you foodstuffs.

Does anybody else find the smell of bees wax weird, but good? 

Non-stick pan
Oven @  185*F
*and a box grater if you are using blocks of wax - don't do it.

Big thank you to Natalie from The Sunshine Grove for co-hosting and bringing this project! Yay!

Me n Natalie from The Sunshine Grove