DIY Travel Art Kit + Artist Challenge!

This DIY was inspired by Amy Tangerine. When I saw hers I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to make an artist travel kit with only the things I have at home. I did it, and I bet you can too.

Look around for any small bags, like from gifts or unused pencil bags. Start collecting those first. Then look through your Pens That Are Too Fancy to Use container and pull those babies out. It's time they started working'.

In this episode I also issue and Artist Challenge. Make something inspiring to yourself. I picked watercolor hand lettering because I haven't worked with watercolors in a long time and I need to write some meditative affirmations. My doctor says I need to lose weight because I have a fatty liver and gallstones. The gallstones can stay, because they are not causing me pain, but I have to take care of my liver. It's been a struggle my whole life, and I get really frustrated, but my quote helps me work toward my goal.

What's your medium that you haven't picked up in a while? What are you working towards? Let me know on Facebook or on Instagram.