How to Shop and Find Vintage Clothes

This is a handy guide for you learn how to quickly spot vintage garments. Victoria is an expert guide and will walk us through 4 easy ways to find our needles in a hay stack.

Clue #1: Shape or silhouette
The shape is the first main clue. Does the garment have a nipped in waist and a big skirt? It could be from the 50s. Does it have boxy shoulders and a bold print? It could be from the 80s.

Clue #2: Closures
If the garment has a metal zipper chances are it's a gem. If it's a side metal zipper, it could be from the 60s or earlier. The 70s saw zippers move to the center back of garments. The only thing that's tricky is if the garment has had it's zipper replaced.

Clue #3: Clothing label
If the garment has a label, then you can sleuth out clues from that as well. Does the garment have a label made of woven fabric? Does it say who designed? Then you could have a garment that is from the 60s and earlier. Does the tag have washing instructions? Then it could be from the late 60s/70s on.

Clue #4: Print and colors
The print of the garment can really help you figure out when a garment was made. If the print is tiny and repeats it's probably from the 40s. In the 50s patterns get bigger and there is an ethnic influence. If you are really into finding vintage prints, do a little research so you can spot cool prints.

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