Hand Painted Sundae Cups with Rachel from The Crafted Life

Painting sundae cups is super easy! They would make a super fun wedding gift, or add delight to an enchanted tea party. Enamel paint is available at most craft stores, or see if your friends have some. You don't need much paint. Now that I have some, I think I'll see if my friends want to come over to decorate some glass for themselves.

Rachel from The Crafted Life is our super gracious co-host today! She is one of the first people I talked to about Break + Remake outside of my friend group. She was super supportive and helped me see how super do-able my idea was. Thank you so much for being the fairy godmother of Break + Remake Rachel! I realize now how nervous I was during the filming, poor Rachel did get to talk hardly at all. I promise if you are on the show again Rachel, I'll let you talk for reals!

Paint palette: I used the paper that comes inside of hosiery as our quick portable palette
Paint brushes: the kind you would use for acrylic paint
Sundae cups: These were thrifted from 2 different stores, I also got champagne flutes to try too!
Enamel paint: It was a little tricky to find made in the USA paint, but I did!
Rubbing alcohol: Use this to remove finger prints, oils, and goo before painting cups
Rag: for the alcohol

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I'm on IG as @BreaknRemake

Let me know if there are any upcycled craft projects you want me to try out, comment below!