DIY Elastic Smocking - using elastic thread

Using elastic thread is a great way to make elastic smocking or shearing. And the dress I made used less than 1 yard of fabric and went together super fast.

For a 3T dress, these are the measurements I used:

for the dress body - W: 40" L: 26.5"

for the ties - cut 4 pieces 5"x4"

I needed to take in the back seam more, so my seam allowance was 1" at the center back.

Hem at the top was 1"

Hem at the bottom was 1.5"

The ties have 1/4" seam allowance.

Tips and tricks for sewing with elastic thread

Use Guterman, not sponsored but it worked like a charm the first time

Here's a link:

Get yourself a lipstick chalk/chaco liner

If you have trouble with the elastic thread here is a great troubleshooting tutorial:

To get the fabric I used and look at other fabric that is eco-friendly and fair trade go to MonaLuna

Find Break + Remake here:



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