DIY Woven Scarf - with the easiest loom!

This is a tutorial for making your own simple loom, really it's just a piece of cardboard. You can make your scarf with any yarn, but to get this thick chunky look use denim yarn that I created here:

And use upcycled sari yarn. This project takes a while to set up, but you can pick it up, put it down and work on it when you want. 

40"x15" piece of cardboard
Denim yarn - my pieces were 60" long, but you can make them any length. Here's the link to the tutorial:
Sari yarn
Embroidery floss
Pliers - when the fabric is thicker, it's hard to pull the needle through all the layers. Use pliers to help!

Find Break + Remake here:

Music composed for Break + Remake by Janet Overfield