DIY Denim Yarn - Upcycle your old jeans!

Do you have an old pair of jeans that you wish you had a new use for? Upcycle those jeans into denim yarn!

For this DIY you'll just need scissors, a grid ruler, chalk, and a pair of jeans you're ready to craft-ify. So simple! Added bonus: no sewing needed!

What do you do with denim yarn you ask? Good question! Grab your biggest knitting needles or biggest crochet hook and make a chunky scarf. Or check out next weeks episode for a surprise. 

Jenell from TrashN2Tees inspired this DIY, so check her out. If you want to make yarn from t-shirts here is a cool tutorial to check out as well:

And here is another cool tutorial using t-shirts, but can totally be jean!

Find Break + Remake here:

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