You want to do every bit you can to help the environment. But where to start? With crafts it's so easy. Start at home. Buy nothing and treat your supplies like you would a store. When you do buy craft supplies, check the second hand store or you can do like I do and tell your friends what you need. You can also barter for or get supply donations too. And if that doesn't get you what you need, purchase supplies that are either made in the USA or in another country with strict environmental laws.

Hi! Great to meet you! I'm glad you made it. I'm Joan, the host of the sustainable craft show Break + Remake. There are so many cute and easy to make recycled and upcycled crafts that we can make together. You can find all the stuff you need for these projects at you local thrift store, vintage flea or friends' place.

I went through a major crafting panic attack existential crisis when shopping at a large chain craft supply store. Where did all the stuff for sale in this store come from? Who made it? What are the people making my supplies earning? Why is this bag of beads so cheap?! I felt overwhelmed so I walked out of the store with out buying. That day I vowed to not buy anything craft related until I calmed down a bit an came up with a solid plan. What I knew: I wanted to help the environment. Break + Remake came from this feeling. 

Let me know what you want to see!

Full disclosure: There are some Amazon Affiliate links in my posts. I pick high quality goods, made in the USA when I can, made in a country that has strict environmental codes when I can't.