DIY Wax Canvas Market Bag - hair dryer vs heat gun

Many of you were like OMG use a hair dryer/heat gun when I waxed the last market bag. So I decided to see which one was best to melt the wax. This method would work on any sturdy cotton bag!

HEAT GUN ALL THE WAY! Which I was afraid to use, what if it burned the fabric? I've had melty accidents with the heat gun before.

NOTES ON THE RECIPE! I would make the ratio of beeswax to carnauba wax 50/50 so the bag isn't as crinkly. If you look closely in the vid it's pretty wrinkled.


4 parts carnauba wax

1 part beeswax

Melter for wax - however you melt the wax, it will be wax forever.

Pastry brush


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