DIY Tiny Book - made into jewelry

To learn DIY easy wire wrapping go here:

These tiny books are easy to assemble and super cute to make into jewelry. The books are fast to make, but making them into jewelry is a few extra steps. If I made them again I would tea stain the pages before I cut them up for a worn look.


Blank paper - you can tea stain the paper if you

Fancy paper - for the inside cover of your book

Thick paper/board - I used a sugar box from the recycle bin



Glue - make sure it's a flexible glue, it will say on the bottle


Sharpies or marking pens - to change the color of your fabric if you want

For jewelry

Needle - for poking holes


Earring hooks

Chain & closures - you may need jump rings too

Beads - optional

Pliers and wire cutters

Find Break + Remake here:



Music composed for Break + Remake by Janet Overfield