DIY Succulent Planter - native succulent plants - plant care

Making a can into a planter was way easier than I thought it was going to be, even though I did have to use a hammer! You can use any kind of can, I wanted one that was printed so it was pre-decorated. 

Weina from @mypoppyandfitch helped with some tips and tricks for planting succulents:
-Their roots like to be compacted
-They like good drainage, so holes at the bottom of the pot are a must
-lots of indirect sunlight. Too much and they can dry up.

To find My Poppy and Fitch go here:

For tips on planting and maintaining your plants head to Sunshine and Succulents:

Concrete planters! If you have no fear of power tools, from Becky Stern:

Native Plants: 
I'm in Southern California, so that's where I did the research for native plants. Here are some links if you are a local.
Theodore Payne Foundation, Burbank CA
A list of California native plants from WIKI:
Botanical Gardens and Nurseries in the Greater LA area:

Please consider planting native-to-your-area plants, this helps the wildlife and bugs thrive!

Happy planting!

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