DIY Zero Waste Vegan Food Wraps - made with candelilla wax - replaces plastic wrap

If you are zero waste and also vegan, you'll want to make these food wraps for your kitchen. They replace plastic wrap and snack baggies. And use pre-washed fabric, that way there's no weird sizing or factory goo on your fabric! 

I was challenged to make a bee-friendly version of these beeswax food wraps:

Prewashed fabric
*Carnauba wax
*Candelilla wax
Jojoba oil
Large pan

*These waxes come in plastic containers, heads up if you are trying to be 100% zero waste. Let me know if you can find them bulk or in recyclable containers anywhere!

Finding a good recipe was harder than I thought.  Let me know if you have a different recipe! 
More sticky:
3 tablespoons Candelilla wax
1 teaspoon Jojoba oil

Less sticky
1 tablespoon Carnauba wax
1 tablespoon Candelilla wax
1 teaspoon Jojoba oil

Big thanks to Mommypotamus for her tips and tricks on making a successful food wrap, found here:

I'll be tweaking the recipe so follow me on Instagram to watch the process! 

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