DIY Waxed Canvas - using an iron vs dryer - easy duck canvas - for waterproofing

Here's a handy guide for you to make waxed canvas! I made 2 bags so I could test different methods for you. The one I set with the dryer did not turn out as nice as the iron. It's an easy way to waterproof fabric. 

Waxed canvas also is known as duck canvas, because of its water resistant qualities.

If you like waxing stuff as much as I do, check out my other waxy videos: 

Here's the recipe:
4 parts carnauba wax
1 part beeswax

Paint the wax on and iron the fabric with steam to set.

When using wax, remember that the tools used for the waxing process become wax forever. And when heating wax in any kind of vessel, keep an eye on the wax so it doesn't scorch. 

And let's all agree that when I say "washing machine" or "dyer" that I mean dryer. *headdesk

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