DIY Visible Mend for Jeans - inspired by Boro mending

Did you know it was Mend it May? Didja know it was Me Made May?!

This mending technique is great for a funky addition to your pants. I'm all for funky additions, so when the hole in my artistically ripped jeans started getting big enough to catch my toe I thought of this patch. 

This is great if your pants are stretchy and have holes. Keep in mind if you have stretchy pants, your patch should probably be stretchy too.

In this vid Me Made May is represented by my scarf that Rosalie and Kelly taught a call on at Craftcation. Reverse appliqué for LIFE!

Rosalie of Ugly Baby
and Kelly of Tomato Tomato

Next week I'll show you how to a more discrete mend for your more discrete rips... *ahem* in your crotch. 

Find Break + Remake here:

Music composed for Break + Remake by Janet Overfield