Sustainable Present Wrapping

Here are 3 tips for easy present wrapping for the holiday season!


Fabric: bandana or scarf

If you check out the thrift store you can get bandanas and scarves on the cheap! The two I use in the episodes were thrifted finds. Oh and hey, is the gift getter sew crafty? Then get the fabric out of your stash to wrap the present.

Bags: fabric or paper

This one is easy, fabric bags are great. If you have time on your hands and need a destash, you can whip them up yourself. However if you are pressed for time and monies, grab some paper bags from the store. Use them until you need to recycle them.

Boxes and tubes: from cereal or frozen foods, tubes from toilet paper

Nothing says you're on the naughty list like getting a TP tube. But really, if you are looking for a sustainable, easily recycled wrapping they win. Doll it up with some fabric, newspaper or a craft paper that has a high recycled content.

Cereal and other food boxes are great because they come free with every purchase.

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Use what's around!