Painted Bottle for Creepy Halloween Decor

Yay! Fall decoration is starting in ernest now. It's not just us freaks who start celebrating fall on Pumpkin Spice (September 1st). Painting glass jars that your food comes in is a great way to get some cheap materials and, if you paint on the outside of the jar, they are still 100% food safe. Happy decorating!


Glass jars- I used some vintage, some from a friend who was cleaning out her craft supplies and some were jam jars.
Glass paint- FolkArt Enamel paint is made in the US and can be either air cured or in the oven. Martha Stuart Chalkboard is made in the US
Sponge Brushes
Heavy paper for label template- draw a fancy box and use it as a paint guide, or make a simple box mask using tape
Scissors or blade

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Use what's around!